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Fall seems to be one of our favorite seasons of the year. My wife does an amazing job with the decorations of it. I also like the baking of all those tasty treats. (Which are not good for the diet. ) With all of this in mind, I am reminded of this verse...

(Psalm 34:8) "O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him."

There are so many things that come to mind in this verse, but I believe there is a challenge to both a non-believer, and a believer in Christ.

  1. To the non-believer this is an invitation to salvation, and a relationship with LORD. It says "taste", and that means you have to come to Christ. You cannot taste something if you don’t come to it, acknowledge it, and allow it to fill your body. Christ wants to do that today for your life. The key to having that relationship is in the 2nd half of the verse, "trusteth in him". Many today "believe" in God and the stories they have read about Him, but how many truly "trusteth in him" for their soul's salvation? How many truly know how GOOD the Lord truly is? I invite you today to come to Christ! Before it is eternally too late.

  2. To the believer I believe the challenge is how tasty has the Lord been to you? Life can have us on a rollercoaster some days, but God has never changed. His goodness is always the same. The best way to know that goodness is to walk with God in reading the Bible, and to talk with Him every day through prayer.

But I am challenged with this verse, and I have to ask myself, "how much of the goodness of God really shows in my life?" Is my life one flowing with God's goodness that it would cause others to "taste and see that the LORD is good". Or is it one that gives a bad taste to others? I heard this quote one time and have never forgot it, concerning a Christian's life before others...."You are the only Bible some will ever read, and the only Jesus that some will ever see". So what do they see in you Christian?

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