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​Victory Baptist Church Missionary Questionnaire

Dear Missionary,

I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. I know first-hand how time-consuming it can be to answer questions regarding your ministry, especially when you have answered the same questions many times before. It is our desire at Victory Baptist Church to be honoring our Lord in every area of service, including the area of missions. Please, understand that the purpose of this questionnaire is not to be arrogant or divisive, but rather to be sure that the ministries we support are in line with the doctrine and ministry methods we find in the Word of God.

All of the questions may not apply to your ministry specifically, but please answer all that apply. I would encourage you to be as specific as possible and answer all questions honestly, not just give the answer you THINK we want to hear. Our desire is to see how God is leading you, and how you will conduct your ministry in the foreign field. We understand that as Independent Baptists we are just that- independent- and there may be some areas that we differ. We will do our best to seek the Lord’s leading concerning your ministry, and will not necessarily “break fellowship” over minor differences. Thank you for your time, and faithfulness to follow the Lord and His leading in your life and ministry.
May God bless you, and give you fruit for your labors.

Because of Christ,
Pastor Ryan Ricker

If you would prefer to fill out the questionnaire in a text document or by hand, please download the file here:

Personal Infomation

Doctrinal Information

Personal Standards

Philosophy of Ministry

Thanks for submitting!

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